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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

hmm..todayy MT lesson was veryy productive!:DDDDD
career dayy!!!-.-"
goin TP officially nw!!xD
still tinkin of wad course to take!tsk..hahhh..
k den band prac!hmm..went late coz gt fnn thingy..
den me,bestie,amirah,naqi,dee n rabia
went to eat lunch b4 goin sectionals..
sectional-ed for the last tym!T.T
lol!k den combine band..xPPPPP
lost everything..if u know wad i mean..haishh..
best of luck for performance tmr!!^^
when the band doin idk wad..me,riqa,diyana,chia chern n kelmond
slack!!xD veryy fun ehh haha..me n riqa played the vampire game..
when u clap ur hands tgether dat one..n sayy copycat or
slap each other's face..lol!den chia chern go n aim
n throw the bee at desmond n missed!!
actually he missed alot of ppl too!lol..no skill..xD
rizal gave us a present frm egypt!egypt u noe!!
n he sayy he made it himself..awwhhhh...thanks!!:DDD
n den chia chern n kelmond had to spoil it
n sayy the material is to make wad hokkien mee thing..
lyk wad the..lol!hmm..talk3..blah3..
assembling..wahh damn fun!!since sec 4s all move to the
bck..wahh..kena caught by chelsea by nt cuttin my nails!!
grr..lol!n cc n kelmond gt away with nt checking!!-.-"
totally wad u know!!go n hide behind the trumpet dere..
then finally they move beside me n riqa dere..
tsk!n riqa suddenly pinched desmond's nipple!!
for idk wad reason..bt i get to see it!!lol!xD
dats the reason y the ppl at the bck laughed at dat tym..xD
most fun assembling experience!hahah..
walked hme with riqa,nadiyah,dee n amalina..
separated with riqa at the gate n walked with chia chern n desmond..
lol!discussed abt the gala night thingy..n i tink desmond
is the oni one who doesnt know abt it..lol!
so blur..xD!HAHHHH..
had fun todayy!^^

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