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Friday, May 08, 2009

end of 1st wk of exams!lol!
lyk dat oso happy..xD
chem paper 2,maths paper 2,SS!!!n POA 2..
T.T (tears of joy..)LOL!!
hmmm..let's c..wad happened todayy..
ntn much!hahahs..ss was okayy..
surprisingly i actually had time to finish it!
n 5 mins to spare!oh yeahh..IM GOOOOODDD.. :D
n POA...simple story..basically i just flunk the paper..tsk!
hmm after sch..ate lunch..then bus stop-ed!
after a while..saw john..shawn woo..ding jie..robin n mak yong..xD
they were sittin' at the right side of the bench
while we were sittin on the left side..
notice dat both of our grps gt 5 ppl!:D
so i started the thing where we choose one guy for each of us..
i chose john first!hahahs..then arina chose robin blahblahblah..
n we teased nurul for havin mak yong!xD!!!!!!!!!!
we argue n argue until the boys oso noe wad
we tokin abt..lol!PAISEHHH..^^"
den we lyk look at every car brands dat passed by the road..
then home-ed!^^

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