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Sunday, May 24, 2009

KRIS ALLEN WON!!rawk on!!\m/(^~^)]m/
okayy i know im slow!bt im glad dat he won..
bt at the same tym i wish he was 2nd..^^"
wad am i thinking??!i myself have no idea..xD
ohh i dun know..i support both kris n adam..
they're both great!:D bt the reason i support kris more
is dat im more into ballad n kris is in dat genre
so i prefer him!!(x hahhh..(not mentionin dat he's cute n hot!x3)
but i just wish dat they're both equally popular
n the same thing doesn't happen to David C. n David A.
LOL!hahs..n nw im currently watching vids in YT

abt ppl's reaction on kris winning american idol..
one word..HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xD
okayy dats all for this post!!toodles!^^

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