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Friday, May 22, 2009

lazy to blog nowadayys much!xP
k i shall make this quick..
had fun!heheh..my grp called 'undies red watches'
(dont ask why) won!!woohoo!!:D
awesome...............kk i shall try to summarise wad happened..
during breaks gt ppl dance n sometimes the trainers
dance with us..totally cool!!n irene balanced
herself with her hands n pauline danced ballet..
veryy niceee.. :D
bt the games part was lyk LOL!no comments!hahahs..
idris totally made fun of thaddeus!which is the botak head guyy..
lol!he is just plain funny n happy-go-lucky
kind of guyy n its fun makin fun of him..lol!
hmmm..irene n pauline's the best!!
graduating classes shud know wad i mean..lol!
they're so funny..n oh oh!!the highlight of the workshop to me
was when during this game..We had to cross frm 1 pt. to the other
in teams n with two legs each time..so at the last mmt.
dingjie carried chia chern on his butt!!oh mann..
u've got to see it..it was hilarious!!xD
n the last presentation of pictures..argghh..
my face appeared alot!!xPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
totally paisehh u noe!tsk..k larh..bye!(:

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