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Thursday, June 18, 2009

di di da di di do do!!!xD
maths thingy..again!hahah!k then during break we went outside
sch..then john called n i totally forgot dat im supposed to meet him..lol!^^"
soo..me n amirah went bck to sch n passed him the
food..hahah!den otw..called qh!bt she nvr hear..lol!
too busy teaching huh?lmao!:PPP
then john said dat band poor thing aft syf oso
hav tons of band prac..cheh!!aww..sho shweet..x3 lol
k so passed him the food n blah blah blah ss lesson!
suddenly felt feverish lol!n aft dat ok alrdy..lmao!
PARTEY TYM!woot woot!;DD
popped the poppers upon mrs tjan's arrival!!hahah!
she cut the cake n aft all of us received it we ate it tgether!
hahah thanks john for the carrot cake!;DDD
lol i hav to wake up early n prepare the foods too..pfft!hahah
no larhh..it was worth it..lol!ehh nurul n amirah?
*nudge nudge!* mrs tjan said dat i'll be a zombie soon
if i dun go hme n rest!hahah!xD hmm..we were friggin' persistent as to not
let mrs tjan leave for her pet grooming thing!hahah!
c for urself in the pics below..^^ before dat each of us must read out
what we wrote in the card for her..paiseh u know!xD
the best day of my life yet!amirah n nurul bestie shud knw huh?
mmm then at the bus stop..lol!now we describe john as
"hello mom." hahah!longgg storyy..lol!then we ask him to
choose his mom's daughter-in-law aft the phone call
between yahh..then he was lyk speechless..lol!then amirah!!!!!!
amirah just had to!!pfft!!i still hate u for dat!!tsk!!CHEHHHH tk larh..rite..xD
lalalalala~ gawd!the song just dance by lady gaga is stuck in my head!!;DD

loL!on the left side is actually cc n pan bt they gt cut off somehw..lmao!


what on earth is he doin??xD

woot woot!izzat seyy!(x

my phone has cool effects huh??cheh!!

lol!the two hotties of our class!cheh!!dun they look lyk bros??

what twist twist ehh nurul!hahah!

dua2 tk perlu ehk!!pfft

rampaging mrs tjan's carr!!xD


lol!dats john n shawn woo..hahah!persistent much!

oi!giv up alrdy larh!!xD

bye bye mrs tjan!(x


the boys running towards mrs tjan's car!hahah!
we've been treating her lyk a celebrithy these two dayys..xD

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