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Sunday, June 07, 2009

from now on,i dun have a sister anymore..
i've had enough!!u took my phone..didnt go hme for two
who the hell do u think u r??so what if ur my sister??
i have my own rights!!N U CANNOT CONTROL ME LYK
gahhh!!u argued with our parents bcoz of MY phone??
dats sooo stupid!!lyk euu..tsk!
fine..u scolded me with words..u beat me..
saying stuffs lyk "why didnt u wan to start with ur project frm just nw??"
n suddenly off the com for no reason??CRAZYY..xP
goshh!!i was studying earlier on you &@#%!@~!!!!!!!!!!
u beat me for no reason whatsoever just to satisfy ur anger..
finee..beat me..beat me to a pulp I DUN CARE!!
even if i shed blood..i still wont say sorry or what..
coz ur just not worth it..n im nt at fault
goshh!im so sry for those of u hu r redin this post..if u tink its too muchh
do me a favour n just leave..coz im just vending out my anger in this post..
i have ntn else..not even my mom..coz she wont understand..
she'll just sayy"u know ur sis is lyk dat y cant u just be patient with her??"
patient my foot!!im 15 now!!gahhhh..
i can just go on n on bt i wont..coz i hav better things to do..
ahhh..please larh..i wanna study n have no time to deal with this!
i wanna go to the poly i wan n make my parents proud which u didnt!!
so just back off!!!

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