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Thursday, June 25, 2009

went swimming with bestie and amirah on tuesday at sengkang!;DD
it was freakin' fun..hahah!
the water was veryy cold lol!but somehw i
prefer the warm one...hahah!idk?im weird i guess :S
hahah n the bucket..xD n nurul!didnt want to go on
the slide!grrr..hahah!
ok so after swimming..changed!i said dat i was gonnah
take my time and i ended up being the
first to be readyy.. -.- how lame is dat??hahah :p
soo..when we were walking outside the
swimming complex,decided to walk to compass point mall
hahah!bt then nurul realised dat she lost her hp!
went bck to the SC n phew...found it at where
we put our bags..so yeahh lucky her!bt then
when we reached banquet at the mall nurul again
realised dat she lost her wallet..so i accompanied her
back to the fields..we searched and searched..walked back n forth
the field which is lyk the size of about 4 football fields btw!
or more..xP so yeahh..didnt find it!T.T
hahh....sorry nurul!! goshh!!I was sooo tired!
n btw..sooo not the kind of dayy u would want to be wearing
a jacket!!xP wrong day wrong day wrong dayy!(x
went bck to find amirah n we made
a police report near there..n there was this
auntie who made a report abt her husband..
so damn funny..hahah!!nvm i shall not elaborate..^^
soo yeahh then nurul's father fetched us and when i reached
home i thought i lost my phone!!O.O bt when i called,amirah picked up so yeahh
i left it in the car..hahah! xD
i hereby declare today 'lose ur valuables dayy!' -.-
aye nurul??* nudge nudge* hahah!

congrats kelly on successfully finding guity pleasure!!!
woot woot!lyk finally right??xD
soo yeahh..ashley 4ever!^^

i suddenly felt something of..
of some kind of sadness n i.. -sighs-
dun wanna talk about it.. i think i'm gonnah be a lot quieter frm
now on.. bye

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