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Friday, June 26, 2009

went to sch with BESTIE SWEETIE todayy!!(x
gahhh!!had so much fun with her in the com lab..
lmao!bt it was so silent dat it was friggin' hard to laugh!!
hahah!n we gave each other hearts in facebooks lol!
we're supposed to do fnn bt nooo..
btw sleeq vid was 'THE BOMB!' love their music..hahah!
n they r so cute!x3 wheee~~~
okayy movin on! :p(dis is still cuter nurul!:p :p :p! hahah!)
had tons of craps n laughs n soon it was over..
boohoo..*nudge nudge nurul*xD

went dwn to the canteen with bestie and roxane
n the dnt boys of our class were lyk sittin tgether doin idk wad..
lol!then nicholas suddenly sayy "EHH..AZURA.."
then all of them starts sayin "cheyyy!!!" -.-
suuppp with dat?? O.-?? hahah!hmmm...
ohh well..so then at the corridor saw mr wong's car(he changed it!xD)
n he started to wave!lmao!AWKWARD...XD
so yeahh went to mama shop n parted wayys with bestie!!T.T
lol den met grace coincidentally n we ate at mama shop
n band-ed!wow nvr thought i'd say dat again..lmao!
so yeahh went to music rm to greet mr wong n
we ended up discussing sumthin with him..-.-
hahah then blahblahblahh heard the ensemble at the end..
ok larhh..(; bt what impresses me was kaibin's solo!
lyk woahh..1st tym i heard a damaian play n move lyk dat.
hahah!woot woot!;DDD
yeahh took a pic of nigay..xD will post it soon !(x
n home-ed with roxane!teehee..

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