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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

woot woot!!
had maths remedial todayy..(:
hmm but let me just sayy dat it was VERYY productive??hahah
well its true:PP
OKAYY!then ss lesson!when mrs tjan was going out to take somethin..
huiyim n company lol!idk wad they do larhh they just go n blindfold mrs tjan
n prevent her frm goin in for a while n john brief us on wad to do..
lol!then finally she came inside n we made her wear this n wear dat..
lol!u'll c for urself in the pics below!!xD
we went paparazzi on her!^^
then during her lesson john msged n asked us to
delayy her lesson n BOMB! her with qns whether its relevant or
nt relevant to ss..hahah!she started to get suspicious n
oh well we will be be havin ss tmr!hahah..it was for her farewell partyy
btw..^^ then some of us went to behind the sci block n
poured jojo with water!!hahah!xD

okayy!!aft dat me,bestie n amirah went to c HM movie!!
bt b4 dat we gt "lectured" by this 2 ppl abt sumthin
crappy!!!!lyk %!$#%^#$!^#&%$#@&!!!!
u just wasted our friggin' tym!!u tooottt!!arghh
made us miss our movie by THAT MUCH!!
LET ME REPEAT EHH..THAT MUCH!!!godd..seriously..
arghh!!cant u c i was lyk "uhhhh stop this alrdy!!"
we hav our own religion that we believe in n we respect urs too
bt we wont go as far as dat!:PPP
u believe in urs n we believe in ours!so just butt off!!pfft!
so yeahh!missed the movie at GV anddd...waited for the next one!
at 6 plus..lol!we were so pissed at dat tym dat
we decided we needed a movie!!!T.T hahah!
ate beef soup noodle at food culture..mmm
the movie was friggin' nice cn!!i cried lyk A LOT OF TYMS!
hahah!!nurul cried!!lalalalala~u know.......
i am still pissed u cried here bt didnt cry at 17 again!!tsk!-GLARES-
had goosebumps for most of the songs!
hmm..i'll rate it 4/5 starzz!!hahah..
oops!i forgot to rate 17 again which is 5/5 starz!!xD
coz zac efron is in it duhhh..xD
nurul's bro sent us home..had tons of laughs!!
"knock knock on glass!" lmao!!dat was priceless!!!!xDDDDD
hahhhh..nudge nudge nurul..lol!inside joke..(x


keep calling me malay!-.-

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