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Friday, June 05, 2009

okayy..currently at the com lab rite nw..
"doin my f&n.." xD
hmm..k i'll summarise on what happened this wk..
mondayy..maths!!fun lyk as usual..xD
ss..T.T mrs tjan leaving!!lol!k stop it seyy..
hmm..we plan to do a farewell partey!!
for her..heheh..maybe nxt wk??^^
oh well..till then..(:
k on wed nurul n naqi rampaged my hse!!
nurul go n took a pic of my loser self when i was sleeping!
lyk literally sleeping.. -.-!! wad the...... T.T
tk per nurul..nanti kau!!cheyaaa!!xD
okayy i forgot what happened on the other days!!
so i shall just blog abt ytd..hmm..
ohh yeahh..gt tricked in class..AGAIN!-.-"
u see izzat asked me to play dis "game" where
u have to let this 10 cent coin stay in ur forehead..
he showed me first n then it stayed there for 8 seconds!
even tho he keep shaking his head n everythin.. :pp
k then he asked me to do it then i was lyk how??
so he actually only put his thumb on my forehead
n when he removed it..i was lyk..0.-??
den he n idk hu else ask me to do my eyebrow
up n dwn..den lyk many many many seconds ltr!!
i relised dat there's no coin on my forehead..
lyk wad the toooooooott!!!!:PPPPP
waahh..damn paisehh man!!den everybody who was looking laughed
lyk mad larhh..gahhH!!y do i get tricked easily??xP
lucky me..den NURUL also nvr tell me!!aye nurul??
*nudge nudge..* cheyy!!tk perlu ehk salahkn kau.. :p
okayy something random..dun u think the song
permanent by David C. is damn nice??n damn sadd!!T.T
i actually cried the 1st tym i heard it on my phone..
WOW!O.O totally emotional..^^V
hahh..in case u dun know..im a person who easily cries..

band-ed..helped sy n nigay with their playing tgether
with roxane..tried the french horn!!!
veryy nice to playy cn!!x3!!
i wan i wan!!hahahs..damn fun..^^V can actually pitch veryy high
notes..heheh..lol!weiyi..at the canteen damn fun horr??xD
home-ed with roxane..(:
k toodles!!shall update soon! x3

wow!i lyk dis colour!n surprisingly dis is the 1st tym im using it..



had fun larhh ytd..lol!
keith..xD hahhh..ohh n the thing at the canteen..lyk
wad the???^^

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