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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

bada biing bada boo!!!(x
currently reading breaking dawn..
eeeppp!5 starzz!hahah just love it n
i cnt seem to stop.. :P

yesterday recess..john was at the window n i poked him..(x
bt then i ducked n arina was lyk two meters frm the window n
he seriously tot dat it was arina..lol! oblivious muchh.. :P
maths!!!goshh maths!!yippeeee!!~~ -.-" sarcasm....
called by miss sharifahhh!to ans the qn on the board..
god damn it!!y does she alwayys wants to get me??? O.O
i was lyk *ohh just another typical maths lesson*
then baammm!! she says "azura!do the question on the whiteboard!;D"
then gimme dat face!-.-
i was practically looking at her with disbelief!
then she says "you know!when u pass your maths with flying colours
you'll be thanking me!" -.-
thanks.. hahah!sarcasm again.. :P
then i was lyk dragging my feet to go to the whiteboard..(x
n she sayys " do u know dat there is a malay song called 'azura'?"
paisehhhh..xP i rolled my eyes n yahh.. hahah!
managed to keep calm n cool n did the qn!with her help of course.. :PP
n she ask me to come to her then i was lyk *arghh wad now??*
then she gave me a sweet..lol!!^o^
didnt expect dat..xD
dat smile totally brightens up my dayy.. x3 i still rmb the look..
the expression..the way he sat..the way he looked at me
everything..cant get it off my mind.. (;
n so yeahh..cheers me up a lot..^^
totally made my day :P
amirah!!!!!!!gonna read more pages than you!!hahah
random..~~ lalalala~~
n john managed to make me fall for the ball gazer thingy.. -.-
this is what i get for being nice??!hahh :PP
yadayadayadaaaa..geog lesson.. a.k.a slumber time!hahah
dun believe go to our class during geog..lol as if..(x

ntn muchh really..sat beside chia chern n lol
i miss talking to him..(; n robin..hahah!chilli is a capsicum!xD
(inside joke) hahh..gd times gd times..bt yahh..sumthin awkward
happened..well not really..its just awkward to meee.. xP
hahah!n hmm ss..first class..must write my sbq ans on
the whiteboard..damn it worse than havin to do a math qn.xP

chatted with izzat..i think i can be a psycologist..hahah!
hope everything goes well for him!
hope i helped..^^ enough.. ;D

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