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Friday, July 03, 2009

currently chatting with izzat,bestie,karim and nadiyah!xD
busybusy me..hahah!
izzat sloww arhh..lol!ahh amek kau balek izzat..xDD!
cant believe hw easy it is i find talking to him..
talking abt stuffs i nvr imagined we could talk abt.. lol right..

den suddenly talk abt anime??weird..hahah!

ok had MT O LVLS ORAL TODAYY!!*gasps!*
ahh wateva!wads done is done.. :p
lol!before the oral..ok i realised i forgot to bring ic..
then fine cn use ez-link..checked my wallet..
bamm!!no ez-link..so went home..searched n searched for passprt..
got it!phew...so yeahh..went bck to sch..
called arina..n funny story!she was the one who told me where
my ez-link was!!lmao!u do not wanna know..paisehh mannn.. :pp
hahah kk then went canteen..buy food..
amirah was searching for her confirmation slip n she thought
she nvr brought it so we plus naqi rampaged her file n bag!
lol!found it!hahh!so many problems b4 the oral!!O.O!
greeaaatttt.. pfft!
so yeahh..was totally entertained by idris n izzat just nw..
izzat go n wear a pink bra!!lyk literally wearing it outside his uni..xD
n he got scolded..lol!n idris said dat this is the first case
dat someone got scolded for wearing a bra..lmao!!!(x
indeedd... ^^ so yeahh..somehw i gt "acting class" from idris
friggin' funny larh him!!u will laugh every single second i tell u!
i cnt think of anybody who's funnier than himm..seriously!:P
so yeahh.. lol!the word dat he said the most was "emotions"
hahah!n he said dat thailand hav veryy big gangsters bt
when they speak comes out high-pitched voices..lol!
the wayy he demonstrated it was priceless..funny larh he..(x

n i was lyk the LAST person among the chi n malays..greaatt!!
PRESSURE MUCH!lol..ok here's the storyy..
first i said gd morning teachers.. -.-! then i stuttered a bit at the conver
n didnt understand the qn. then! i forgot to bring out my confirmation
slip..lol!-sighs- n home-ed with amirah n izzat..^^

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