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Thursday, July 02, 2009

dum dee dum doo!!;DD

had pe todayy!friggin' fun as usual..
hahah!4e4 wad cn u sayy??we're fun n hectic
every single dayy!xDD whoo~~~~ IT RHYMES!hahah!
ok so yeahh sumthin happened n lyk woahh!!hahah!
lalala~~ shall not elaborate..aye amirah?? :p
hahah so yeahh after dat fnn..xP
corsework3..gahh!!should just get it over it huh? -.-"
n then MT! after the lesson did my oral practice
with mdm dini inside 4e5 classrm during our recess
so hahah!ok larh..surprisingly i could talk!(x
maybe coz im comfortable with her..she's my inspiration!!lol!^o^
had geog!god!help me!!i want mrs tjan bck!!
puh-leasseeee... T.T
btw nurul bestie n me have been debating abt whether
chinese guys or malay guys is better..i go for chinese guys!!!
woohooo!!! ;DDD wateva ehh nurul.. :p:p:p
ITS STILL ON!!xD cheyy!
after geog..poa [FREE PERIOD BABEYY!!xD]
this discipline teacher person gave us this riddle thingy on the board..
lol!lyk i didnt even read it..hahah!busybusybusy me!lol
*nudge nudge nurul!* n me n amirah look at idris hp n his videos!!
so damn funny!!they made this private vid of them dancing
to MJ's song..n idris is one hell of a good dancer!!!
i'll tell u dat!!O.O lol! hmmm.. i think nobody is goin to
the gala dinner on saturday??yes?anybody?? :p:p:p(this is still cuter nurul!(x)
ok it costs 40+ bucks!!yesh!40!for what??dinner n performance..
teeeettttt!!!!!!!!waste of tym!!tsk
might as well use it for prom rite??which is lyk 50 bucks only..or more..^^"
a bit more!:p suuppp???!!! -.-"
-SIGHHSS- n the teacher randomly go n ask me to erase
the board..-.- y??y me??lmao!!
ok larhh..do the teacher a favour once will you??(scolding myself)
hahah!k im crazyy!!xD i know why bt im not gonnah tell you!:p
HAHAH!*evil laughter*

when school ended bestie had to go hme quick to make an ic!
hahah!cant wait to see ur new pic!^^
n waited for arina n naqi to change bck to uniform n
me n amirah found out dat john left his pants under the table..lmao!
i know right??!a guy forgetting his pantts..xD
n he was just walking around with his shorts..hahah!
WEIRD..so amirah called him n i folded the pants neatly for him
n we met at 4a3 classrm..(;
he was lyk alone??lol! n when i passed to him the pants
he said if it smelled nice..lol!!funny or what john?? :p
n i just said yeahyeah..xD!! coz..yeahh..u dont wanna know..hahah!
home-ed!it feels nice cmin home early once in a while..heheh

cant believe ur bdayy present is one dollar lemon barley bottle..lmao!!
heyy dat was wad u want!:P
hahah !

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