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Monday, July 13, 2009

hello peeps!^^

sighs..everything is just not the way i wanted it to be todayy!!
could it get any worst??!TSK
ok ill try to forget about this..bt its too hard.. xP
sighs..should i??or should i...? or maybeee...?
hmmm..hahhh cant decide..the usual me..ALWAYS cant decide..
is it worth it?is he worth it?? :S
i should stop this..i really should..gahhhh..
"HHEELLPPP.." cn u puh-lease..just please stop it.. -.-
just..just dun be lyk dat to me!i cnt take it..
dats the reason why i .............................. you..
ur becoming the total opposite of the reason why i .................... you.
but..its okayy..ill make effort if u do.^^
ill try to let us become the way we used to be..
just lyk old times huh??^^

okayy!Movin on to todayy!^^
hahah!she baked us brownies!!!whooooo~~~
NICE MANNNNNNN...... mmmmmmmmmmmm..
hahah she told us not to tell anyone in sch
bt she didnt say dat we couldn't blog abt it..lol!^o^
n after dat during phy we couldn't help
bt not pay attention bcoz of the SUGAR RUSH!hahah!
*thinking of the brownies now* lmao!
hw i wish dat she could be exceptionally nice everydayy..lol!
coz we say "wah miss sharifah..y r u so nice today"
then she say, "no im nice everyday.. its just dat im EXCEPTIONALLY nice today"
ha ha ha..(x she baked us brownies coz she doesnt want us to be so
quiet lyk on last fri..lol!wahwahwahh.. so touched.. :3
hahah!k skipped to after sch!!

blahblahblah..every plan changed!lol my besties

were suppsoed to send me home bt we chatted at the lift
there for lyk forever!so we went to mac hahah..chatted alot..^^
hhahahahahha!!asked amirah to do a favour for me..^^
hope i will know ....................!!hahahah
ok shall stop here..tata!;DD

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