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Friday, July 10, 2009

hahh..wad a fun dayy it is todayy..
okayy!had a maths pre-preliminary crappy shit :P
skipped tons of qns..sleep..tried to do bt cnt..
so bck to sleep!xD
hahah n yeahh i actually did my work in poa today!!
n understood it..whooooo~~~
congratz me larhhh cn??CHEYY..jkjk ^^
hahah miss sharifah said dat our class were weirdly strangely abnormally
quiet today..n guess wad she did?spent half of the lesson
telling us abt wad she watched in okto ytd nite!(x
so disgusting larhh the show bt INTERESTINGG..
go watch it its called culture x..hahah!
she said dat its beta to watch dat than prison breakk
coz right..the endingg arh..-sighs- lol!
btw!miss sharifahh!ohh evil evil her!:PPP
tried to get my index no. hahah!she said "12"
n i was lyk shocked then she say "azura!"
bt its not me larhh its nana..hahah!!:PPPPPPPP
lol!paisehh or whuattss..then she knws dat my no. is ard there
so aft dat she said "hmm..my favourite no. is 11.."
hahah!nice try sister!!xD its 13 actually..mwahahahahahh!
so amirah gt called..lol!funny seyy then everyone was lyk
knowing dat she wanted to get me to ans the qns..LOL
na ah..hehehe..

after sch..RAIN-ED!!yayyyy!!hahah love the rain..
really tempting me to go play in the rain u know..
bought yamyam n bestie accompanied me hme
n until i finished the yamyam..as the ush!(usual)
had tons of laughs..xD

home-ed..on9-ed..slept!until 7.30 pm!
n omigoshh im supposed to meet bestie at mac at 8..lol
so quickly prepared everything n went to mac..
the bus was friggin' slllooowwww.. -.-
went to do maths hmwk&&& only managed to do one part for one
qn lol!at least its some thing right??btw miss sharifah haven't teach us dat yet
so we must read the textbk..-.-
bought sundaes n then CINNAMON MELTS!!!
WOW!it really does melt ur heart man..
when i first tried it i was lyk
hahah!when we wanted to go out of mac..
the door says pull bt both of us pushed the door..at the same tym!!
friggin' funny!!i couldnt stop laughing bt mostly bcoz
bestie had no reaction to it when both of us pushed the door..lmao!!
n a lot of other funny stuffs happened lol
so tired of typing right now
so i shall just stop here..lol!tata


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