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Saturday, July 04, 2009

okayy!shall post abt speech dayy!!its gonna be a long one..(;
first me,amirah n bestie came to school "early"
well actually we're on time but!everybody else were late.. -.-
bt chia chern n pan came the same tym as us..pheww..
n chia chern asked us to take temperature..wahwahwahh
not bad arh!!:P lmao!
skipped to prize presentation!applause plz applause..-claps claps claps!!-
hahah!so proud of all of them..lol!weird arent i??
b4 dat our ex-P gave a speech..me n naqi was tryin our
best to contain our laughs coz his pronounciation of the words
is so damn funny larhh n gt one tym he said "short tym"
then someone repeated "short tym" imitating him n our side
all laughed..xD &&&&& since all of it was sooo friggin' boring!
the modern dance performed &&.. right after their performance..
everyone lyk wan clap?or dun wan clap?lol!really....xD
n gt this little malay boy who's the mc..he said
"WOW!!dats was an awesome performance!"
u cn truly tell dat it was sarcasm..(x n anba said
"yeahh!i really enjoyed it!don't you??" lmao!!
practically the whole hall was lyk laughing!!hahahahaha
coz the malay boy was all the way saying his speech in a boring tone
and then woah!he suddenly became all "Hyped" hahah
officially the highlight of the prize presentation ceremony..

after all that!went bbt with amirah,bestie,arina n hafsah..
and ate at the malay stall there..we tried each other's bbt lyk
nobody's business!lmao!! aft dat..went our separate wayys n
me n amirah met up with omi,rabia,stephanie n syairah..lol!
i tricked omi into sayin dat amirah took bus 228 n went one round
before goin to sch!lol!n she believed me!!whooo~~
it worked!(x hahah
met up with nad n dee also soon after n listened to the
ensembles..good job everyone!!!n to the ex-seniors too!!
u guyys played great!weeee~~~!!
hanged out at band store..next time u shud just shut
ur ****ing mouth!enough said..
im kinda pissed..u guys forgot abt me..fine..fine..
tried to be norm abt it..let's just forget abt it coz im used to it..pfft
took pictures with the section..teckwun was in it.. -.-
everytime must be in every picture..lol! will post it soon!!^^
once i get all of the pictures..yayyyie!;DDD

sent nadiyah n dee bck home n went bck to sch
to giv bck nigay's tie..-.-
went to bbt with haohan n nigay..xD
we were lyk laughing all the wayy!non-stop!all haohan's fault!!:P
he sayy, "ehh treat me lehh.."
i sayy, "oi!i treat you already on ur bday!dats wad u wanted!:P"
he sayy, "okayy lorh then i treat u to halal pork"
-.-!so damn racist can!then he sayy dat the pearls of the bbt
shop not halal..-.- n they need to stamp every pearl with a halal stamp
then cn ensure dat its halal!wad the toottt!!veryy bad!totally bad!
three of us over there cnnt stop laughing..especially haohan.
he crazyy alrdy.. (x then soon after nigay also joined in the
joke..lmao!im so fed up until i decided to buy the jelly instead..(;
then we saw someone at the bbt..
we made a plan.. "mission ignore her all the way"
then nigay keep sayin.."wah!yingsa!not bad arh!"
me n haohan over there cnnt stop laughing coz
the way he said it lyk so funny..
lol!joined her n yingsa den qh,herda n dionne joined us..
can u believe dat they changed at the pavillion?? hahah qh.. :P
n not in the toilet?? O.O wth??!no comments..(x
three of us damn funny..we seriously ignore her!
everytime she sayys sumthin me n haohan will suddenly
be silent..look at each other n laugh!xD
wahh..veryy bad..hahahahh!had tons of fun..(;

accompanied nigay to the bus stop until his bus arrives...
met qh n herda bck at the opp bus stop n walked to the damai bus stop..
finally ur bells r up!!-.- lol!
sat at the bus stop..saw some guyys from the gala night..
decided to walk to the next bus stop..lol!
guess who i saw at the opp??! miss sharifah ._.
yesh..her..dang it!out of all ppl..bt i didnt turn to c her
coz i knw she will c me..just ignored her n continued walking..xD
then finally home-ed at 10 plus!;D
i need my beauty sleep!

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