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Friday, July 24, 2009

OMG!!!!havent been updating much!!
sighh so sry guys!went through so much this week.. xP

okay!starts from monday!
had the honour of having our principle mr toh to teach us chemistry!!!!

eeeeep!let me tell u one thing..
okayy lyk he had 20 minutes to teach us and we alrdy understand 3 whole chapters..isnt that llyk unbelievable??!!n he made chemistry sound so easy... O.O
i know right??!xDD

cried my heart out 2 days ago..
sorry for misunderstanding you...
im so sorry i just wasted my tears for NOTHING.. ;(
everything went alright after we talked..i guess dat was all i needed.. ;DD
hmm..and thanks guys!!all those LOT of ppl who made me feel better!
u guys are the best.. T.T(tears of joy)
thanks amirah!!bestie!!naqi!!arina!!
for being there for me..
idris for making me the "paper swan" lmao!
izzat for the msg u sent me.. :P
chia chern,robin and shawn woo for hahahahah!!mak yong..xD
zul,nicholas and karthik also!gahhh!
just so much!thanks3...
n not forgetting miss sharifah i guess..LOL!xDD

skipped to todayy!!
gahhh such a fun day today is..
u see i wore my jacket today with a hoodie one..n
those ppl sitting behind me went to put tons of stuff inside it!even amirah and chia chern!
n i didnt even realise!!how could i not??MANNNN THEY'RE GOOD..xD
how did they do it??i still question myself..it's so...hahah!
they were so norm abt it..lmao!
until i went to put my hoodie over my head and only 1/4 of the stuff came out!i digged n digged n digged!
it was never-ending!xD
how could i not realise??so much stuff inside!-.-
but then during poa lesson..
DAMN mr johnson tan!!!
he was lyk talking to me and izzat actually put karthik's phone in my hoodie and it vibrated so i accidentally took it out in front of mr tan n he snatched it away from mehh!!-.-
so childish....... n he said dat it was a distraction blahblahblah..NO LINK!
we werent even using it!n he made this small matter lyk it was huge!-.-
oh well apart from dat everything is okayy n had tons of laughs todayy!
shopped at T1with bestie and amirah..n met idris,izzat n zul at petal mac..MY GAWDD!!they're hilarious..lol!after eating,sent nurul home n the rest of us took 228 and home-ed!!;D

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