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Saturday, July 25, 2009


gahhh!find this picture so cute i cant get anough of it!!aye nurul?? xD


HAHAHH!they're so funny can!(x

best saturday hangout with bestie yet!!hahah
went to TKC to see sleeq..
they were the judges for this competition
thingy..kind of a talent search for teenagers..hmm..xD
my gawd! they're hilarious...(x
n alyph's so cute!x3
n he's so jumpy n every move he makes looks
lyk he's dancing..hahah!hmmmm reminds me of someonee.....
*thinking* LOL! u know who larh.. :P
n syariff ehh..uhh no comments uhh!lol!
*nudge nudge nurul bestie* :PP
oh wait!!he's got damn long eyelashes!hahah i was
so awestruck when he walked in front of meh until i didn't
look at alyph... -.-" GREATTT..tsk!
ohh!n saw my cuzzin abg daus!!he got through to the next round!!
CONGRATZ!!sorry we were late n didnt get to hear u sing..T.T
k after dat headed to republic poly!
to attend their ignite thingy where a couple of famous local bands perform
kind of lyk a gig thingy..lol!
blah blah blah..LOUD MUSIC!!!!O.O
seriously loud mann!my ears felt lyk they were gonnah BURST!!xP
bt bestie said dat it was "syiok" which means awesome uh.. -.-
TOTALLY UHH!!sighhh..
hahah!!MR SAIFUL!!!in case u don't know..
he's the lead singer of Great Spy Experiment!woot woot!
he looks and sounds different..
he reminds me of a superhero.. bt a superstar version!xD
"teacher at day,superstar at night!" hohoho!!
N HIS LAME JOKES.. -.- he laughs everytime he say sumthin ._.
no comments..hahah!
k walked back to causeway point through the path of palm trees!
NICEEE...awesome feelingg.. :33
bestie's parents sent me home!;DD
hahahah!I HEART ALYPH SLEEQ.. ^^

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