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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

hahah!the name of sleeQ's album..
cool right?!that's what you call short & sweet..^^
RANDOM . . . . .
dats was so random n so azura..hahah!chey!:P

hmmmm...u know the situation whereby you
totally forgot who was the one who helped
two people ending up together??
do you??it's frustrating!lyk after all you've donee..
you're suddenly..FORGOTTEN
like wth?have any idea why i don't wanna get involve anymore?
ohh puh-leasee..
get a move on..sighhhhh
and you seem so different..that was what i was afraid of
but there's nothing i can do n there's nothing im gonnah do..
PEACE!^^V [sooo.. not the type of emotion u should be gettin]

now back to earth!:P
school..sucks!have no idea whyy..it just is..you know..
n after dat went to eat chesse fries n bbt
with nurul bestie!!lol!fun lahh ehh..
talk about stuffzzz..... ;D
n alyph's so cute!huaks huaks huaks.. ^o^
ehh nurul ehh??xD
k lahh hmm should i go to tmr's sleeq event??
it's on a school night!!hahah
we'll see....... k tata!

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