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Sunday, August 09, 2009

for some reason..i just realised dat i
love living heree..I L O V E I T!!<3
it's so clean n green,multi-racial,great food!
what more can u ask for?? [psst..except snow (x]
HAHAH!not gonnah happen! -.-
aniwaes..watched the NDP on tv..lols!ok larhh..
gt one bb boy from our sch appeared on the screen??O.O
woww...applause please applause.. *clapps!*

btw i missed RENTAK!T.T
want to go want to go want to go! );
sighhhhh......many ppl said it was awesome!sob..sob..
wanna goo!!(x
ok shaddup..hahah..wads over is over cant wait to go to
SleeQ's next event luhh!miss seeing them u know!:P
hmm kk shall stop here..tata!;D

woot woot!gd luck for ur O's!
know u will do well considering the hardworking person u r!
CHEYY!im so nice..^^
hope u enjoyed ur day !the whole s'pore is celebrating with u..(;

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