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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i personally like this picture!;DD
hahhahah x3
so random sorry about that.. ^^"
tk leh angsxsxs.. <3

soo!hmmm..what shall i talk about todayy??
ohh yahhh prelims sci practical..haishh
my physics was a disaster!goshhh it's supposed to be chem here!hello??
ahhhhhh...geez..sorry to disappoint u mr sng T.T
nooooo!!i wan do better at my physics..but nooo...
it was chem instead..TSK
hahah k lahh2 should be happy instead always remember to be
positive!syukur alhamdullilahhh.. ;D
especially..when its the fasting month..
hahah!stop it seyy..people always use fasting as a reason to be nicer..
n everything else.. why uhh?? LOLS!=P
school..nothing much..should seriously start my revision!
actually i already started but i need to quicken up my paste
mannnn! ;DD
woots!urrrgghhh..i miss themm.. haishh..tk per..
after o lvls ehh??more free time yawww! :3
WHEEEE~ k dats all for now!


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