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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i got a B3!eeeep!so happy!
i know its not a distinction but!the good news is i have NEVER...
yeshh NEVER..gotten a B3 in malay before..like omg right?!
suddenly baaammm!i gt a B3 like woahhh...
i guess anything's possible..now im motivated to do better in my other subs!
if i cn do it in malay then ntn's impossible..lols!

BTW..for those of you who r disappointed with ur result..
no worries!like mr toh said, there's always a second chance..
so yeahh!make full use of it!im gonnah too..
not gonna stop here n just give it my best for the retake..
no matter if it's better or worse..i will still be content with B3..
need to work on my other subs!
n also congrats to those who got A1!;D

PICTURES UP!finallyyyy.. urghhh.. :P
pictures from national day still not up yet..
next time lahh..so manyy..need to go studyy now! :P

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