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Monday, August 31, 2009

cute right?? x3 eeepp!hahahh
k im not obssessed or sumthin i tell u first
i just support him && syarif..duo called SleeQ ;D
at least im not like some ppl..only 12 years old &&& sighh
DREAM ON GURLL!seriously =P
ohh nvm....details..details..i shall just keep this private
among US.. ;D

btw!i FINALLY get a HOLD of 'i used to live in the dark' lyrics!
sang just by Alyph SleeQ!(x
credits goes to nurul bestie!hahahh!nyehehehx ^-^V
psst..it's the second song of my playlist.. *winks*

I used to live in the dark girl,
in a faraway land,
and the place just gets darker & darker & darker & darker
you tried, you tried to go in and help me
but the more you went in it got harder to set yourself free...
and i stayed,where i was at
took that time to look back
to look back to look back to look back

But you, you know my ways
and all you had to do is wait for today..

When i find my light,
i used to live in the dark,
But i found my light,
Now i can see in the dark..

Now i'm on a journey, but the road's going down,
so if you are with me,
with me with me with me,
you need to know it sucks to be fallin'
But that's after you crossed the line,
So the race yeah you won it,
We used to live in the dark girl,
both you and i,
But you made it out and baby i stayed inside, inside

But you, you know my ways,
and all you had to do is wait for today,

When i found my light,
I used to live in the dark,
But i found my light,
now i can see in the dark,
see in the dark..


I should call you my hero,
I should call you my love,
I should call you the one,
I'm living this life for,
But now i can see you,
coz it's gettin brighter,
I think that i am just gonna stay right here...

Stay right here..

there u goo!!hahah
love his voice *winks*

okayy!today's teacher's day celebration!!
had a fun time in class with miss sharifahh!!
hahahahhh!our class managed to make her feel like she has never before..
n made her speechless.. xD
we sang to her the 'nobody' wonder girls song..
but we changed the lyrics..hahah!it was priceless!!xD
\m/(^~^)\m/ && the concert..
3/4 of it was friggin' boring cann!!my gawdd...
boredom kills me!T.T except for some classes like 4e2,5a1 n 5a2..
awesome job guyyss!!;DD

kk dats all!
azura out!!^^

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