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Monday, August 03, 2009

SleeQ ClassiQ's album launch!it was awesome!
fantastic!fantabulous!fun!ahhhh-mazinnggg!n upmost hilarious!heheh..
bestie's bro went to pick me up with her tgether oso
n guess what??we arrived there too early!
it's at taman warisan(malay heritage centre) there..
it starts at 3pm n we arrived there at 1 plus..LOL
first to arrive!-.- GREATTT...
bt!!it was worth it cause right...
when we reached there..nurul's bro was lyk..
NB, "Ehh!Syarif uh!"
Nurul, "huh?serious?"
Nurul, "ehh syiok uh!azura syarif!"

LOL then i saw him lyk giving nurul the "ehh do i know you?" LOOK
O.O hahah!n he bent down n smiled at her..
chey luhhh!!melts larhh!!:PP
n on my side..i was getting out of the car n the wind was so friggin strong!-.-
it blew my hair until lyk wad n i saw syarif smiling at meh so i just
smiled bckk..the wind not helping. -.-
hahhh..ok larh..he looks hot.. :P nurul will be pleased to read this!x3
when we walked inside....missed alyph by THAT MUCH!seriously..haishhh
HMMM..blahblahblah.. the launch was awesome
so much to say hahh!n gt one time alyph asked
wads 'cake' IN MALAY which is 'kek' n its pronounced the
same as 'cake' GET IT??? lyk he's asking wads it in malay n it sounds the same!
LMAO..hahhh..alyph n his sense of humour..xD
love it <3
hmm maybe i'll post some of the videos uploaded by nurul..if i have the mood..^o^
every song they do was hilarious!cant take it they just "click" together
it's awestrucking.. :P the food there was NICEE...mmmm..
heheh n i gt my album signed!!n yeahhh hahhah!
thanks nurul for the album!woot woot!;D
okay now for the pictures!no time to edit..too much..LOL


Alyph's lauging at syarif..LOL!cause yeahh..rif doesnt look too happy..xD
too complicated to explain.. ^^

there goes the cake!;DCute stuffz!Hot stuffz!

Me & Alyph !
Me & Syarif !

credit goes to nurul's camera n some other ppl!(;

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