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Friday, August 07, 2009


heyheyy peeps!;D
been busy studying this whole week..CHEYY!
lyk reall.. pfft! hmm aniwaes!
had f&n,geog n surprise poa test all in one day..thursday.
wow!isnt dat just awesome?! :P
but ok larh all the test quite easy to meh..cn lah2!
hahah n yeah went to bestie's house on wednesday ..
we walked to her house..hahah!bought nurul HELLO PANDA
in exchange for sumthin..hehehehe..
U BETTER DO IT NURUL! *glares* O.O n we watched SleeQ videos!
laughed until cnnt tahan alrdy..LOLS!
&&& we went to this blogger n she gt the same recording song as meh!lols
if u gt the song while u go to my blog here u will know what i mean..
n then right.. after dat we went to this another blog n she gt
the same bg as nurul bestie's blog!lmao!!FUNNYY..xD
actually there's more to it than dat..bt shall not explain here..LOLS!=P
hmmmm...cant wait lahh nurul!!when is he gonnah urghh!xD
ok btw yeahh..chatted with our ex-classmate way
bck in pri sch..wahhh funny lyk shit!
we...hahahahh!playing around with ppl is so fun.. (x
after dat, home-ed!

THURSDAY!(again ._.)
goshh.. coz john asked us..me,nurul,naqi n arina
to join them to play this new game which we hav to invent ourselves..
its lyk captain's ball except we use frisbee..
rules!once the frisbee touched the floor,next team gets it!
n there's 2 hoola-hoops at the 2 each ends n anyone cn go inside
n catch the frisbee once it gets there..bt must be inside the hoola-hoop!:P
must score at least 3 metres away from the keeper..xD
ok dats it!hahahh so fun lahh..coz the frisbee very hard to catch..
then most of the time the frisbee drops to the floor n
then we will lyk "urghh!!" n then the next min we will "urgh!!" again..xD
so funny..my teammates were bestie,john,mak yong,junjie n robin..
going against chia chern,shawn woo,jeff,arina n naqi..
strong team mann!LOL we lost to 2-5
but who cares??? we had fun n dats wad counts..lol
then gt one time chia chern was otw to catch the frisbee..it was alrdy
few cm from his hand n then suddenly the wind blew it away
at the last min!xD hahahahahah!
dat was totally priceless.. hohohohoho!

"national day celebration"
ever wonder why i put inverted commas?? x3
hmmm..ok larh todayy..during phy gt bck poa test! 8.5/10
not bad arh!then u know wad?i lost idk half or one mark..
u wanna know why??coz i nvr say, "therefore(the three dots) the purchases
for this year is....." -_____________________________-
totally uhh!n i gt the ans u knw!sighhh n john gt 10/10 -.- i was sittin beside him
n i gave him the wahhhhhhhhhh...... hahah i myself hav
no idea if dat was sarcastic anot..lol not surprising.. ^^
then gt "syf celebration" ever wonder why i put the inverted commas again??
ohh btw the food is nice..nyehehehx..first tym i tasted something
so nice given by the school n the ice cream was nice too..

so aft dat me,bestie,naqi,arina,hafsah,amirah,nana n raikha
hanged out!ate somewhere..me n bestie bought cheese fries n bbt
lyk a few blocks away..had fun talking while walking!hahahah
abt u know what.. :P
sang n sang..random words..gestures..nyehehehx.. ^^V
after eating went somewhere..camwhore-ed..talked..laughed..
listened to music..blahblablah..
home-ed with bestie! muacks!<3

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