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Monday, September 14, 2009

had poa prelims todayy..
uhhh okayy uhh..for someone who didnt study for it xD
haah!dun get me wrong kayy!focusing on other subs much!=P
coz..hmm poa....next tym lahh lols! ;D
btw!after the paper..me n arina was hanging out at 4e5 classrm
n then at the atrium..talked alot huh babe?hah!

hadri n iriandi came n sat at the opposite..then leonard,kelmond n tingwei
came along soon after..ni case budak2 tk puase!psssh!
hahahh funny lahh seyy..kelmond shouted.. "tk puase!" (not fasting)
n pointed to iriandi..lols!then we all laughed..
n then he drank some water n he saw dat i saw him
n then he said "ehh!im fasting lahh!" -_______-
WTH?? hahah!like real bro!xD
funny lahh himm x3
n after dat me n arina zoom-ed our wayy to T1!
to meet riqa n nad ;D
arina is finding 4 september babies present!!
when i say there are a lot of september babies..
I WASNT KDDING! like seriously!
many ppl i know are born in september!:O
hahah kayy moving onnn..had fun lahh with them!
these awesome peepoz!hahah..OHOHOH!
n i just found out dat riqa's fave colour ish purple??!
camwhore-ed in the bus!-.-
kayy i shall stop here!!time to study physics babeyy!!;DD

p.s im lyk updating my blog so often now.. :/
dunno if its a good thing or a bad thing..
btw twitter anyone??if so tell me okayy!=P

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