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Friday, September 11, 2009

got ourselves friendship rings!!hahah
didnt expect that coz we were actually finding 3 september babies pressie!lols..
in case u cant c..oh wait..which u cant..DOPE!-.-
the one above says 'best' (which is mine)
while the one below says 'friends' (which is nurul's)
its soo cool dat our fingers are of the same size..wooh~
lucky us! yeyaaa! ^-^V
hahah!awwwhhh.. I LOVE U BESTIEEE!!
hahahah nothing can seperate us aye?? ;D

and there goes our matching watches!x3
mine's purple..woot woot!
NICEEE... hahahah sempat ehh??

SOOO...went to school todayy to do FINAL
amendments to f&n coursework..yesh!final! (i hope :/ )
hmm yeahh!then headed off to bugis!
on our way back at the mrt..some hilarious incident happened!
hahahh goshh it was L.O.L! xD
actually at first there was someone who's whistling..
then got two tudungs said out "ehh siol sape tu??"
or some vulgar word i cant really rmb.. :S
HAHAHAHH!!they were right behind us n i immediately turned back
n suddenly burst out laughin!couldnt take it..
LIKE SERIOUSLYY.. i mean cmon..!fasting month??wear tudungs??
LIKE WTH?? hahah!i almost sat on the floor coz of the laughing
n i was like literally crying trying to do silent laughter..
soon after!nurul also joined and laugh!coz right..the
whistling was getting pretty annoying!
the person kept whistling the same tune..these 3 notes..hahah!
n once we thought it was over it started again..lols!
coz we were like the only ones laughing??hahahahh!!
laughed until we didnt even realise dat we've reached bedok..lols!
goshh..joke of the day i'd sayy.. hahah!
HAHHH..made my dayy...
on the way back to the inter also kept laughing hahahh!
urrgghhh.. stomach,throat n jaw pain..

had a fun time with bestie todayy!as usual..
the ush! ;D
love u lahh..awwhh.. x3
dats it! ^^

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