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Sunday, September 06, 2009

went to johor todayy to buy kuih-muihs..lmao!
n went to look for baju raye.. -.-
n after dat went to nenek's house to iftar!!;DD
made there just in time!
arrived at 7.02pm xD PHEWWW..
was DAT close huh??then when our car arrived downstairs..
some of my aunts n uncles was at the window
n they were like "hurry up lahhh!wad time is it??!"
xDD!OH MY FRIGGIN GOD!!damn funny can??hahahahh!
lotsa food!!xP
couldnt choose wad to eat!!RAWWWRRRRR! >;D
hahah!had a blast todayy.. tons of laughs with my aunt's n uncle's jokes..
goshh!they're funny..hahah!n they cant stop arguing with each other.
in a funny way!lmao!
hahhhh..it's like hari raye already..the feeling..^-^
actually we all gathered to celebrate my lil cousins bdayy!!
so much september babies huh?? hohoho!^o^
COFFEE CAKE!!!!mmmm..yummy!;D
after dat.. home-ed!

yesterday i went to see the duo @ gempak woodlands
with aiishah & fiqa..awesome!!

it was sucha funny coincidence dat me n aai
boarded the same train n cabin!xD hohoho
alyph was late!!grrrr...n i cn c how stress rif was..lols!
&&& something funny happened!kay there was two shelters
one each beside the stage..one is empty while the other one has syarif
n the crew or sumthin lols! alyph arrived at the place
rushed n ran to the empty shelter n was kinda saying hello!to the
inside when there was no one ard!xDD
omg!!sooo priceless!all of us couldnt contain our laughs!
hahahahh!so he was paiseh already n he gave me dat cheeky smile..
lols!so cutee...n he had to walk one big round
behind to save the embarrassment..hahahahh!so cute lahh he.. x3
soon after met fana n we talked a bit hahah!
must talk more next time aye??^^
awesome performance by the dudes!!as always..
pictures n videos up on fb!lazy to uplaod any pics here anymore..
considering dat blogger is such a pain the the tooot! =P
k i shall stop hereeee... toodles!;D

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