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Thursday, September 03, 2009

guess what??im addicted to this word..
yeshh!this word.. 'awesome' hahahh!
its just so awesome isnt it??xD
i think you will be seeing this word on my every post..lol!
are you readyy??! hahah LAMEE..
SOO!todayy had geog n chem paper..
dat means........... ;DD
hahah luckily i have two annoying but surprisingly
entertaining ppl who sit beside me.. hohoho ^o^
idris keeps singing this spice girls songg!
"sooo..tell me wad u want wad u really really want~"
n now its in my head..together with his freakishly annoying voice..
AWESOME.. <--there u go!hahah
n his face is soo priceless when he sang it!
goshhh how i wish i could video it!hahahahh
n jasper was trying to pull my table closer to his.. -.-
its like...he's taking history??? lols!
i see no point.. xD
n before the chem paper he managed to trick me with my calculator..-.-
&&& idris showed me the ballgazer thingy n i looked.. double -.-
why do i get tricked sooo easily?? AWESOME .. <-- =D
cant stop laughing before the paper siooo..
ohhh!i forgot to say something bout yesterdayy.
it was like joke of the dayy!kind of thing xD
soo i was sending nurul home..(well halfway =P)
n we walked past this MALAY lady... n suddenly
we heard the sound of can opening..SO LOUD CAN!xD
kayy at first i was totally oblivious..
then nurul was like "did u hear dat?"
then i was like "huh?hear wad?"
then she said "dat!"
i said.. "yeahhh..the sound of can opening..soo?"
(nurul was like -___________-)
n there was silence n a few mmts later..
me, "OOOHHHHHH!!!!hahahahahh!"
did you get it???like its the fasting month!
hahahh im sure she has her reasons..but the funny part was like we
the sound was so loud n we just pass byy.. LOL!!xD
cant stop laughing at my SLOWNESS...
soo friggin funny lahh can!moreover i can still
ask.. yeahh y the sound of cann soo?
hahahh!!GOSHHH . . . .
eeeeeeeeeepp!cant wait for tmr!!awesome!^-^V

WOW..long post todayyy!
awesomeness.. ;D
azura out!!

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