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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

how's you people??!
doing finee i hopee.. ^-^

had maths..doing last year's prelim paper two was simply hell..
HAH ! k nvm anw ! do u know lily allen's song 'fuck you'?
-___________- simply addictive.. FOO !
okayy dun get me wrong ! listen to it first..so innocent yet so sick
aiyaaa just listen to it if ur so curious..LOL
lemme warn you..curiosity killed the cat.. hohoho !
but i hate the songg..for making me so addicted to it..makes me soo sick xP
ohh im sure YOU GUYYS know.. =P
okayy side track too much ! back to maths..
soooo sleeeppyyy.. literally had a headache just trying to stay awake..
whole body felt weak..fighting so hard to try to do the qns.. :/
&& after going through the paper.. miss sharifah asked us if we booked
any days for night study for the whole week..
she didnt get to the point but we automatically know dat
she meant if we booked ourselves on thursdayy coz its her day!
HAHAHAHAH.. cute lahhh our class x3

okayy moving on !
eng..had a debate with our dearest miss carol..LOL
for god's sakee just exchange izzat & chia chern's group can??
i mean cmon..it's a win-win situation..! like seriously..
& she gave the excuse dat it will be hell for us girls if
izzat came to our group coz got idris & karthik also..
but nooo ! it wont be.. it will be the opposite lahhhh please..sighh
she's making everyone so "urrgghhh!" by not changing their
place in the group u know..imagine if she did .. everyone will be happy..
-.- i think you people know why right??
*hinthint* c.o.u.p.l.e.s ;DD
k lahhh shall not stress myself with this..

chem lab ! disaster.. LOL
everyone couldnt figure out the last experiment..
n some literally gave up (x
no comments.. n mine didnt work..
daaaamnnnn this subject!seriously..
sometimes i ask myself why do u exist?? hahahhh
woahhhh overreactingg !
n i dislike miss dee..no offense..but she's...past irritatingg..
sometimes she's okayy but other times.. blearrghhh .

after school bumped into omi n valerie..
hugged valerie n i miss my section..
trum-trum-trumpets !! i miss our crazy times..during sectionals??
when we crapped n laughed more than we practiced?? hahah oops ! xD
AAAHHHH...good times good times..really miss those nice chats we had..
any time anywhere during band prac.. );
hope eveyone's doing finee.. ^-^

azura out ! x3

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