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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

im startingg to love maths..
ohh wait..not maths the subject..i meant maths lesson !
hohohoo love maths?? LIKE REALL.. nyehhh =P
today's lesson veryy the funny..
FOO ! awesome !! two thumbs uppp ! ;DD
how i wish i could make an emotion with dat.. any suggestions? LOL
we had a surveyy during the lesson on how we feel
about miss sharifah herself.. xD !
hi-la-ri-ous.. & i was lucky enough to be picked on by herr.. -.-
wooh~ YAY ME !! *claps london tipton's style*
pfft much ! ribooootzz..
&&&& i didnt expect u know..i knoww..i think nurul knows.. LOL
k shaddup i don't ! with a CAPITAL 'D' !
don't! lemme repeat myself don't! like him back okayy???
okayy... did i make myself clear?? yeshh im suree i did.. *winks*

had two whole hours of free period.. wooh!
self-studied ! it was veryyy fruitful.. im lovin' it ! ^-^
got one moment when me & amirah smelled strong perfume
which i hate soooo veryyy muchh cann !
gets me all dizzyy ! @.@
& the smell had JOHN written all over it ! TSKK..
so i asked amirah to scold him & he said it wasnt him
n i got spanked ! -.-
& then he said dat it WAS him & i was lyk .......
ohh u know wad my face expression wass like.. GEEEZZ !
i was soo innocent..you couldnt tell the truth earlier huh john?? =P
greatt thanks ! <-- u can clearly tell dat dis is sarcasm

had maths remedial..
2 hours just went POOF ! so fast.. serious shitz.. hahahh
k stop using dat.. shall not elaborate..
bus stop-ed..sent nurul-ed..home-ed..night studi-ed..home-ed again !
watched SI ! yayyy malaque & tabby's INNN !
okayy it's 11.30 pm noww..
n i should get back to studying till i fall asleep..
toodles !! ;D

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