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Thursday, September 03, 2009

prelims yawww!! ;DD
had english,ss &&&maths! hohoho
okayy lahhh no comments lahh ehh..
all dat matters is dat i tried my best..
n tomorrow..sighhh yeshh tomorrow..
BOTH chem n geog..god damn it!!
dats wad u call awesome -.-
btw cant wait for the 5th!!i miss them so much..xD

awwhh but nurulbestie couldnt comee!!T.T
so im going with aiishah i guess teehee..
see you soon gurl!*winks*
hahah n idris was past irritating before
the maths paper started just now..-.-
LUCKILY his singing voice is nice you know!(x
if not ehhh..hahahahh..you need not know the rest =P
&&& i think dat it's official..no more feelings towards youknowwho..
time to move on.. ;D WAH CHEYYY!!
time to focus on studies n studies only..xD *nudgenudge* nurul.. ;D

n aiishah if ur reading this cheer up kayys!
it's not worth it to be angry at those peeps..
especially dalam bulan yang mulia ini..hohoho..
cheer up!ignorance is the best medicine for themm..lols!
does dat make sense?? gahhh me & my crapps..
okayy dats all!
azura out!<--- im starting to like this (x

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