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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ehh wad paper did i have uhh?
ishh!FORGOT.. :/
ohh well after dat..went to study with mahh gurlfrens!xD
hahah studied maths until like %*$#!@$ !
my goshhh..my head feels lyk it was gonnah burst anytime soon!o.o
overwhelming.. xD
hahah sucha dramaqueen! =P
anw had fun lahhh .. riqa,nad n arina..SO NOIISYYYY!
kept singing hari raya songgs!n some upbeat songs..
WHICH!im not in favour of..lols!well most.. =P
wanna do maths oso cnnt u know..cheyy!
hahah no lahhh..it was fun n crazyy being with them..
hahahahh awesome!;DD
thanks guyys for the awesome evening well spent!=P

had poa1 n maths paper..maths was surprisingly...easyy??
hahah!yupyup..gotta admit..btw..im starting to lyk maths?? :S
maybe coz im better at it now? hahahh!
well we'll see..okayy stop asking qns.. hahh
idris was more irritating todayy -.-
BUT!i prefer him being all irritatingg rather than all quiet..
like SERIOUSLY..kalau da diam tuu..foo!SCARYY xD
during the poa paper he was lyk keep singing hari raya songs??
urgghh so i ssssshhhh!! him && he said "tk per azura..nanti kauu..bukan main lagik ehh"
HAHAH!like real bro!=P
n i had tons of leisure time during poa..
wahhhh!had a nice time sleeping mannxsxs!
BUT!idris woke me up!!grrrrrrr....i was in the middle of a dream damn you!=P
but i forgot wad was it about..i hate dat!
hav u ever experienced dat?? I HATE DAT!hahah k no nid to repeat.. x3
all in all..everything was cun sajaa.. ;DD
k time to go study f&n nowww!!

azura out !

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