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Monday, September 21, 2009

longgg post ahead yawww !
so u r permitted to leave anytime u get bored aites ! xD
hmm i think imma separate the two awesome events !
on thursday n on friday.. coz each one was special
n i dun wanna join them together in one post..
k now shaddup n move on !

17.09.09 !
met everyone at eunos inter the boys were late!
aper??fashionably late kaperrs..?pfft!made us wait.. :P
n then off we goooo to marina square !
at the mrt..we were separated.. -.-
me n naqi was stuck with the boys.. double -.-
wad i hate about being with them is dat they will always irritate & imitate me..
n when i mean 'them' i meant idris ! :P
kalau tk kacau aku tk sahh tau budak ni.. pfft much!
anw, rushed to the food court n we got lost..hahah! ^^"
so arina n riqa fetched us n they rushed off to tuition.. (;

sat outside the food court...
the view was ahhhhhhhhh-mazinggggg !!!
like totally awesome i tell you ! FOO ! tk lehh angsxs..
it was not long after when we had to break fast..
had a sip of water n waited for izzat n the burfday gurll!
note dat most of us said dat we couldnt make it
n i msged her dat me n nurul cnnt make it blahblahblah
to make her sad n u knoww lahh.. hahah
then when she came we're like "surprise !"
hahahh!she looks so pretty lahh can..when she came it was like
woahhhh !xD
lawaaa lahhhh ... izzat must hav been so smitten by you dat dayy !
woot woot ! n amirah criedd...! awwhhh..
she must have been so touched n shocked to c us there..xD
& us classmates made this scrapbook for her..
we put our picture n wrote some stuffs..n decorated it..
awwwhhh sho shweeet ryte?? x3
best birthdayyy ! she said.. hahah
it was cheesecake &&& there was crushed oreo layer at the bottom..
mmmmmmmmmm.... yummy yummy in my tummy!
pssst...it was my first tym eating cheesecake!xD i know ryte??lol
it was made by hafsah,izzat n idris.. the oreo was crushed by idris..
well,gotta giv him credit coz it was my fave-est part of the cake ! ;DD
when the boys went off to ....
us gurls cam-whored in the toilet!tons of pictures taken i tell you!
we just cant stop!xD hahahahh

kay after dat off we went to walk beside the river..
walkwalkwalk..talktalktalk..n me n nurul kept singing
SleeQ's songs while we were walking lyk nobody's business !
hohoho ^o^ semuanyaa..cun sajaaa.. ;D
took pictures again!awesome time walking there..it was very beautifull..
n to the bridge..the view was simply awesome!
had fun with these peepoz ! this will be our last outing before the big O !
after dat it's time to parteyy!will go to everywhere in s'pore..cheyy!
just kiddin' -.-
we plan to go tooo... ahahhah!a lot of places lahh okayy..

soon after..oni left me,nurul,amirah,izzat,idris,nana n sufian..
went to relax at starbucks..thanks amirah for the treat hunnie! (x
the coffee simply made me crazyy hahah!
&& idris said i was mabuk(drunk) after i drank the coffee..
n then ryte after a while he tripped on sumthin n walked lyk a mabuk himself!
HAHH!say people say urself.. nyeeehhhhh!! :P
it's something called retribution ;D

after dat home-ed ! was sooooo tireddd!!but!it was a good tired.. xD
HAD FUNNN!will rmb this dayy okayy?
now for you to c the pics..there were 10 times more pics i tell you..
but i'll just upload the best of the best ones here & the rest
are up on fb!! =P ...SOON-EST ! *winkwink*

me & nurulbestie!<3
the b-b-b-burfday gurrlll ! ;D
NICEEE.. izzat taking a pic of himself -.-
me & naqi !
i like this ! cun cun kiter sume stood around the pole ;D
ahhh ni da case perasan.. =P
ME feeding the burfdayy gurl!sweeter than when izzat did it ryte?? xD
THIS ! is wad i call.. "the makcik handbags" hahah!
CLassiQ x3
besties since sec one ! i heart u gurls !
DANGGG! i lovee this pic!
THIS TOO!nurul's hp effect is awesome!;D
WOAHHH!i was so awestruck by this pic!
told u the view was AWESOME!
credits goes to nurul for taking this pic!
wahh can become cameraman seeyyy!
n i meant the handphone not u nurull..hahahh!
cheyyy!jkjk.. nice jobbss! TWO THUMBS UPPP!;D

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