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Thursday, September 10, 2009

yooo peepoz!!! ;D
currently chatting with nurul otp n listening to music
and blogging and watching videos..hohoho!^O^
u know when im listening to 'jangan sampai terlambat' it really
makes me realise the value of treasuring ur
family and friends..woahh..cheyy!!
sighhh..im boreedd..im blogging for the sake of
fighting my boredom sighh..let's think up on something random..hmmm..
im hungry..lols~!!RIBOOOOTZZZ...
KKK think of something else..uhhh..hahah!i just asked nurul
to say something random n she said carrot..lols!
dat WAS random.. both of us are like...UHHHH ZOMBIE.........
totally friggin bored!!goshh!!i can die of boredom..
in case u dont know.. =P
urgghh!!Nurul is teasing me soo much!!grrrrrrrrr......RAWWWRRR!! >;D
awwhhh nurul is missing syarif...AWWHHHH sob sobb..
sho shadd! ); HAH!!! she's sooo gonna kill meh
when she reads this.. =P NYEHHHH!!
dats wad u get for always teasing me like s***!hahahh.. =P
lalalala~~ n kayy now we're already crazyy..!xD
when its supposed to be PAYOH..hahah!INSIDE JOKE..LOLS!
nurul doesnt know dat ppl will know if u record the conver
otp..like there will be a beep sound n stuffs..xD hahahh!urghhh
CRAZYY LAHH SHE..kau buat aku~
semakin gila..semakin gila-a-a~
hahh!my god!wad the hell am i posting here??
hahah!kayy congratz!to those who have
read so farr..WOOH~ yayyyy! *clapps.. -.-
now u cn c how bored i am right??
WOAHH NURUL!O.O this post has been dedicated
specially for you..YES YOU!wooh
you must be soo honoured huh?? x3
kay this is a totally random post! ;D

azura out!

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