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Monday, September 14, 2009

yoooooooooooo peepoz!!!
what time is it??!
summer time!~
kayy stop it seyy hsm is sooo dah basi.. xD

BTW!its 3 am in the mornin'
yesh T.H.R.E.E.. 3!! u heard mehh ;D
im still uppp babeyy!n guess wad ? soon after like later!
im gonna have my prelims..
woahhh!isnt dat just awesome??
hahah it's all nurul's fault!
i was about to sleep when i keep smsing her..lyk cnnt stop..
FOO!<--- damn you!u got me addicted to this!xD aye nurul??
hahahh!lyk every sms i sent her there's this word.. FOO! in it..x3
HHAHAHAHAH!!sms her until i cnnt sleep..
lols!!so cute lahh the word.. x3
just bcoz it's from someone..teehee!! ^-^V
kayy i have no idea wad to do now since i cant sleep!xP
im lyk not sleeping enough nowadays.. :/
WOAHHHH!!hahahhh bt its an awesome feeling..
like idk .. hahh...
blub..blub..blub.. xD!

azura out!!^^

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