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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

again.. -.- HAHAAH
u wanna know y??coz the blog song from the p[revious skin was getting
PAST irritating & i have NO idea on how to remove it.
SSOOOO.. changed my blogskin ! again .. (x
but i have no time to edit all so yeahhh..
it's still under construction :P
oh yeahh did i mention dat Riqa aka my darlingg also lyks purple??
HOHOHO ! awesomeee !
oh! & i love green too ! & when me & idris got to know
dat we both love greeen we got super duper uber excited.. xD
u shud have seen our reaction..HAHHH!
damn funny i tell you ! xD

btw my blog needs pictures !!

gahhhh!i LOVEEE this picture lyk crazyyyy!! <333
us cuzzies rawks okayy? okayy ^^
(me,kak ira,nana & abg daus ;D)
me & my adik .. (x
guess wad??her name's siti sarah aqilah.
LOL ! she's damn cuteeee lahh cann x3
There's actually tons moree pictures ! nyehh ;P
Darling's Birthdayy cake ! ;DD
WOOTS ! i know u love the surprise we gave you.. *winks*
Basically cam-whored during geog lesson ! (x

Dat's all folks !!

azura out!PEACE ^-^V

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