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Saturday, October 10, 2009

urghhh!!cannot upload pictures.. -______________-
nvm there's always a tomorrow..
anyways!my week has been great ! like awesome ;D
had an eng workshop. woots !
it was so friggin' relevant i tell u !
confident on improving my eng .. yeahhh ! *excited*
& idris was as funny as usual..
especially when after geng wei & ruzaini acted up a so called fight scene..
idris sarcastically said, "were they fighting??"
karthik answered, "i think they were dancing.."
LOL ! all of us e4 at the back laughed lyk shit lahh..
hahahh the people in front were mendakk .. e3 peepz i mean ..
LAMEEE.. k anw on fridayy met dearest aryna !
at tamp KFC.. WOWW ! she's an awesome teacher alrights!!
thanks soo muchh ! i feel so much more confident in chem noww.. woots~
n we had a great talk didnt we?? so much laughter & u know..
hahahh awesome ! this is the start of a great friendship
n i cant wait to meet u again after o lvls ! ;DD
gdd luck darl & i just realised dat o lvls is like
'THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA' against everything dat i wanna do..
pfft much! soon enough i will use my hidden supahhh powers
to break it down to dust i tell u! HEHHH ;P

&&& todayy went shopping with nurulbestie at tamp!
eeeeeeep!last tym b4 the o lvls after dat im gonnah be a nerdy nerd
for 4 whole weeks.. ;D
bought tons of purple stuffs..god knows how many purple stuffs
i own now ! hahah woahh..totally overwhelminggg.. ;DD
coincidentally met mimi at cotton on.. LOL
didnt expect to see u there gurl hehs. oh!
&& something hilarious happened at mac..
SUMMARY.man bumped onto glass door.LOUD BANGG !
people look.he walked like a drunkard.became blur.walked into girls toilet.
stopped by a panic stricken cleaner.people start to laugh.full stop.
WAHH PIANNGG ! HAHAHH ! daaaaaattts it ! ^^
managed to study 6 chaps of phy ! WOOH~
tomorrow is geograpy dayy ! toodles (;

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