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Sunday, October 04, 2009


went to abg alan's house ytd..
had tons of funnn!!with my awesome cuzzies!
u know who u r... HEHH
cam-whored lyk hell!but it's funn!LOL
starting to like it.. <33
tons of pictures were taken n it will be uploaded soonest!;D

n todayy met kak ira at tamp inter coz i left
my HP at her bro's carr ytd..LMAO!!
so sorry ehh kak! heheh
thousand sorries!but i had fun with our lil' short
shopping spree todayy!n i hope u like the necklace i bought
you for ur latteeee bday pressie.. xD
u never fail to make me laugh LOL
i love you lahhh kak iraa! awwhhh :3

k pictures will be up soonest!!
eeeeeep! ;DD

azura out ! ^^

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