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Thursday, November 26, 2009

farewell nite!!
hehs..i had fun ytd..haohan appeared ALOT! ahahah
& i enjoyed the videos & performances ;D
& not forgetting the present!i love it! thanksthanks! ;P
hehs..wahhh haohan not bad uhh!
love D.I.S's performance ytd..hehs..wayyy better
than in those days huh?!hahah but i had fun spending
time with y'all!awesome bunch of peepz ;D
& i love my trumtrum juniors..did i mention i love the present?ahahah
got a big huggg from u all was nice thanks cute lahh u guys.. x3
& nicholas keep pestering me to hug him -.-
totally....ahahah but anw we cam-whored!alot!ahahah tons of fun!

night-walked ard the school..went inside harmony rm & scared some juniors..
just hanged out ard the school & at abt 3 plus we went out to d parade
sq & went star-gazing with amirahbestie,nadiyah & rabia..
PRETTY AWESOMEEEE!!!like its not every nite u cn see alot
of stars like dat in singapore here.. ;P
SAW A RED STAR.mars i think..& three stars were in line
with each other..i forgot wad u call dat..ahahah..WHEEEE~
rizal & idy came to join us..we chatted alot!
wahhh nice feeling..hehs. ;D
& rizal brought us roti john from simpang!!
k then bck to BS..the air con was killing me! xP
home-ed with amirah,nadiyah,seeheng & idy..
at about 8 plus..i immediately slammed on my bed the mmt. i reached
]will upload the pictures soonest!!both here & fb duhh hehhs ;P

azura out! ;D

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