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Sunday, November 15, 2009


Me & Mr. cute "geek" boy AlyphSleeQ! ♥

The Bdayy Boy himself! Mr. Riffy!♥

MALAQUEE!! so pretty cann! ♥

Me & Amirah!♥
Nurulll!!♥ HAHAHAH!knew amirah was up to something! ;P
here r my awesome gurls!Nurul,Aryna & Amirah!♥

GROUP PHOTO!! i loikee..♥

on this day 15/11/09,
we celebrated riffy's bdayy!at Mayuni Omar Music Cafe!
first met up with nurulbestie & amirah n headed down to bugis
& met Aryna,Sufiah & Aisyah..
goshh!!it was so nice meetin' aryna after a long while..
missed her soo muchhhiee!
O lvls overr babeyy!!we cn meet up more now eyy? x3
so went to MOMC & saw the awesomist n was shocked to see alyph there
coz i thought dat he wasnt cmin..so it was really nice to see him there
& not forgetting the bday boy himself! Ahmad Syarifullah! ;D
HEHS. looking as stunning as always Mr. hawt stuff! LOL
so had a seat & the boys performed & finally met Mirah!
HAHAHAH! tauuufaaannz! it was nice talking to her..
& then me,Nurul,Amirah,Aryna & Malaque went outside the
cafe n we had tons of fun chatting with her..
goshh!she's so down-to-earth & so fun to talk to & it was my 1st tym talking to her!
wow right?? ahahah *hi-5* east-sider!!
cant believe i gt a hi-5 frm her (x
soon after,took some pictures with the boys! ;D
& syarif's reaction upon receiving the chocolate frm Amirah was LOL!
when Kak SV & Kak Izah said dat they wanted some he gave them dat look..
lol!it was so funny..so anw!
it was time to leave & we headed to the MRT stn with Nurul,Amirah,Aryna
& the awesomist!nyahahah.. ;P
first thought of gg ION,then TM then home.. -.-
fickle-minded much??! -.-
& soo sorry to Aryna as we had leave her coz of our fickle-mindednss!
SO YEAHHH had tons of fun todayy!spending it with awesome peepz!!
cn wait to have another gathering soonest aye! *winkwink*
azura out!! peace ^^V

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