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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

had class outing at swensens tdayy..
woke up at 10.45AM!meet-up 11 AM!
ohh myyy..arrived late..bt luckily i wasnt the last..
received a text saying dat i needed to urgently go bck to school
for band & dat seriously spoiled my mood..serious shit!FXCK.
took 21 with idris..he's so effin hot tday.NO KIDDIN'
not gonna deny it..really really. ;P
i told him dat.hehs. he deserves it.
anw..the class outing didnt turn out as well as i expected..
dats bcoz of my sucky mood tdayy!
urghhhh..didnt take alot of pictures & didnt even got the
chance to catch up with my dear classmates.
& i even gave him the cold shoulder.feels so shitty abt it.
went bck to school..thought it was some impt urgent shit
bt it urghh!i shall stop here..dun wanna talk abt it.

why does it have to be todayy??cn talk abt it some other day ryte??
anw tmr's the farewell nite!most sec 4 senior's gonna be there!
this is so friggin annoying!spoiled the dayyy!!!
really..so thanks a lot.u just RUINED the day dat
was supposed to be spent with my classmates..
came bck for ntn..n u say what??we dun deserve the farewell nite??
kayy im done.cried bcoz i didnt spend tdayy fully
& didnt appreciate the time i had with u guys..im so sorry..
&to him..i guess i hav to move on.our friendship
is no longer like before.it's changed.hope u'll have a brighter future
ahead.& i knw u will.Mr. smartypants! ;P

on a brighter note.watched 2012 tdayy..
WAHHH....damn urghhh!!!u knw the movie..
some parts were funny & the 1st half of d movie me, nurul &amirah keep laughing..
even tho they're showing hw the world's ending
nyahahahh!one time amirah looked so scared coz of wads happening
in d movie & i nudged nurul & we both laughed..HAHAHAHAH
tk leh angxsxsx youuuu..the movie's really depressing..
BUT!!not bcoz of how they portray hw the world's ending..
but just the people..the unfairness & the cruelty..
really depressing i tell you..me & amirah was lyk "urghhhhh!"
the whole time coz of the suspense..really "urrghhhh!"
made me so uneasy at the ending part..psheeesh!
sooo..it was a nice movie.bt i thought the world's ending & then
suddenly a new world came..in 27 days. -.-
CRAAPPPPP! i thought they were gonna go to space or sumthin -.-
but at least the movie cheered me up & made my shitty
day a lil' better..some more its spent with my besties! ;D
love yahhh gurlllsss <3

azura out!!

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