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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010!!! jyeahhhh!
(get ready for my rants!im warning you first!)
ahahahah well since this IS my last post of 2009!
im gonna make it last.
FIRST UP,i wanna thank all of my friends who have been there
for me regardless of what situation i was in.
i've encountered alot this year!be it with my family or friends.
but alhamdullilah,everything is alright now.no hard feelings
whatsoever!& the good thing is dat this experience has made
our friendship/relationship stronger
& i thank Allah for making this happen.
it's just the certain obstacles that we have to face through in life.
i mean cmon!what would life be without these memories
that we have had so far? be it good or bad,
i will remember every single one of it!no doubt about that!HEHS ;D
i love u guys!!friends,families,cousins,bestfriends,juniors,seniors!
EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.OF.YOU! thankyou for making
this year a memorable one for me! I HEART U ALL! lovesss.

now, let me list down the things dat..u know!ahahah kay moving on!
for me this year, firstly,im an O lvl student!i was actually
afraid at the starting of the year thinking, how would i handle it?
can i take the stress?? well as the days go by, of course i was worried,
nervous,scared u name it! but at the same time,i was more mature
to think that i can actually do this if i work hard! & i went through all
the hardships & i managed to get through the exams without any regrets!
the results are coming soon!& i dun wanna set high hopes.
bcoz with high hopes comes great disappointment.
& i dun wanna regret something lyk,
"mann!i shud have studied harder/longer"
i will just accept whatever results i get.it doesnt have to be the best
but i must accept that it is MY best! & that's what counts.

now,secondly,i've graduated from Damai Secondary School!
yeshh..i've experienced four whole years of schooling there.
& i appreciate all the teachers who have thought
me throughout these years.i mean cmon!
i wudnt have been anywhere here without them ryte?
so thankyou!! ;D & to my dear band members, keep working hard!
there's no more seniors to guide you along so its time for u
guys to step up & take the lead. im very proud of you guys
no matter what! keep improving!there's always room for improvements
& show us seniors that u have got what it takes alright!
&& gd luck to the upcoming sec fours taking o lvls!GANBATTE! ^^
of course!im not forgetting my besties,darlings & dearest classmates!
be it sec one&two,three &four. some even spent four years
together with me. thankyou for the friendship!
i appreciate it loads! ill never forget u guys. hope to meet u guys
somewhere somehw in the future! when u guys are more mature..
HAHAHAH!just kiddin! im gonna miss those crazy times we had in class.
with our class joker!IDRIS! our class is never the same without him
i swear! ;D & gd luck for ur O lvl results guys! all de best yo!

thirdly,because of dearest nurul! i started supporting an awesome
duo called SleeQ this year! when they started being Classiq. ^^
these boys,Alif Abdullah & Ahmad Syarifullah!
I am really thankful for knowing them & supporting them as well.
they've really come very far & have started promoting their album
in malaysia!congrats guys..im reallyreally proud to be supporting
them. & they never fail to perk me up with their performances!
ITS ALWAYS AWESOME! who agrees with me?? ;P
& not forgetting,bcoz of them,i meet new friends
who are awesome by the way!
they're fun,sweet,lovable,hyped&just plain crazy!

& some have become very close to me & that i can share anything with them!
you guys know who you are. i cant mention all.coz im afraid dat ill miss
some & then BOOMZZ! die liao.. LOL!
i will always continue supporting the boys no matter what!
so good luck for ur future endeavours!u guys can go far no doubt! ^^

& NOW! My New Year Resolutions!
hell yeah u know this is comin'! xD
1.be more positive-thinking& learn to look at things in other's point of view
so that i dont always only think about myself!
learn to show more love than hate!
i learnt that from our SG IDOL,sezairi! *winkwink*
2.LOSE WEIGHT! yeshhh.. im determined to achieve dat this year!
& im glad i can do it with others who wants to achieve it too! ;D
3.GO TO TP! or at least the course i want!
4.make more friends through Sleeq & try to be more friendly! hehs
5.& last but not least! maintain all friendships dat i have tied with.
hope that i dont have to experience friendship endings coz i dont think
its necessary.there's always a way out.we must just find it.

ALRIGHT! im done! *wipes off sweat*
thankyou for those who have read till >> HERE! ahahah
muacks! love u guys. HAVE A GREAT YEAR AHEAD!!
& a happy advanced new yearrrrr!! hope u have
a blessed one ^^

azura out! xx

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