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Thursday, December 24, 2009


wawa,me & nurul! ♥MR. ALYPH ! ♥
MR. SYARIFFF! ♥& there goes the power duo! taken by wawa ♥someone said we're lyk twins! x3 ♥i like this picture. ALOT! taken by yours truly! ^^V
alif abdullah's reaction when nurulJ showed him a lizard! xD

SO UNGLAM! *hides*me & sherrynaah ♥

& finally.. tadaaa!the grp photo! wawa's cam yo . ;D

alright!!its about time i update about this day xD so anyways, i went to Viva Muzik Singapura on tuesday! with dearest nurul! hehs. we reached there too early so we decided to eat first at macD. its been awhile right nurul? ;D & reahed dhoby ghaut green & saw 3 of the awesomists. Wawa,Aai & Nurul jannah together with her brother ;D Mirah came soon after! with her friend syasya & then we just hanged out &waited for the show to start! with some other sleeqers too (; i cant name all there's too much LOL! but love u guys! ♥ we finally came in to sit down at ard 7.30PM & hear the host go blahblahblah.... xD ahahahah well actually he's pretty funny. lucky us! LOL & finally the show started at 8 with rancour! even tho i hate loud music like dat *nudge nudge nurul* but nonetheless i still enjoyed it. & up next hyrul anuar. he looked oh-so-fine! hehs ;D & then us sleeqers kept shouting "SLEEQ!" ahahahah i simply love the crowd dat nite & finally the boys performed! we sang along & shouted out for them. as usual they were AWESOMEEE!! wad more can i say?? hehs. go to www.youtube.com/NurulCherrydoll to view their performances on dat nite! pardon the crowd xD & then we waited for the boys outside & started to cam-whore. didnt knw it cud be so fun! LOL & i saw sherrynaah from afar so i wanted to take a picture with her. hehs so sorry i didnt talk much. :/ ill try to talk more next time girl! azura's honour! x3 ahahahah alright. & when the boys came out, we took a grp photo. nurul is so busted! LOL no comments. peace. ^^V okay i shall stop here! PICTURE CREDITS! WAWA & NURUL! awesome photography skills they have there! well some were taken by me too! xD okayy toodles! azura out xx ♥

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