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Monday, December 28, 2009

heyheyy peepz!
& once again!i havent been updating!hahaha
sorry my readers. ;D i have other things to take care of before i think
about blogging.okayy lets move on!
i went to babysit my two lil' cuzzies at yishun.
my mom left me there for no apparent reason! goshhh
mommies nowadays! LOL so anw, had a last minute plan to go
esplanade for the hip hop gig. well since my cousin is free &
nurul is alrdy there with her family! hahahah how awesome.
we made our decision at 6.40PM & it starts at 7. -_-"
well better late than never. so anw!only get to catch FreakyZ!
AWESOME MUSIC! & not to mention he's funny! im a fan alrdy hehs.
love local music!u shud too! ;P
side track a lil bit.SleeQ is the first local artist dat i support.hehs!just sayin ;P
& we sat dwn at the first row,me,my cousin,nurul & her bro.
& in the middle of the perf,suddenly saw alyph running & sat beside us
there.no doubt it shocked me & nurul! HAHAH u shud hav seen nurul's reaction.
"ALYPHHHHH!" her reaction was a million bucks!
seriously im nt kiddin' (x & his cap was
d first thing i noticed! very obvious. but anw,i enjoyed the show veryy much!
& aft dat saw alyph at the marina sq entrance & approached him.
&when alyph asked nurul "hey!how r u?"
she answered, "uhhh..uhh.." *giggles* well actually i hav no idea
wad words r muttered out!hahah nurul2..mcm tk biase ajer.
well i cnt help but laugh.also when in the middle of taking picture she
suddenly took out her glasses last min which
was totally priceless i tell u! LOL
had a great nite!!aft separating with nurul & her family hanged out with
kak ira for a while b4 heading home!she cud not stop talking abt ____!!
ohmygeezz..step cool jer jer biler jumper.menyampah aku!LOL
& reached home at ard 12 when my curfew is 9. oops! :/

went with nuruldarling,amirah & nadiyah.
we actually sat at the 28th row which is VERY high up & the view wasnt
THAT great so! we decided to move at the bottom frnt even before
the show started.hahahah!ard the 10th row.the view was great & luckily
no one sat there. PHEWWW. .*wipes off sweat* hehs
&& the show was well,AWESOMELY FANTABULOUS!!!!!
wad more can i say?? the crowd was hyped,the muttons were funny
& we really enjoyed ourselves not to mention sezairi wonnnn!!!!
& thanks gurmit for the suspense when announcing the results.
i was sooooo tensed up! & when gurmit announced "SEZAIRII!!"
all of us stood up & clapped & cheered!wad a way to end a show!LOL?
ahahah im sure he didnt expect it. u knw nurulhuda?
one of the SI contestants?yeahh she's a close friend of my sis
& she said what sezairi said to her.
i was sooo touched & didnt expect him to think like dat.
well dude!the title is now yours..so no more doubts aye!;DDD
i've said this,sylvia started the show awesomely
but sezairi ended it with A BOMB!!!he was more convincing &
that made him won plus a lil finny side to him helped!hahah
so STOP the hate/racist comments alrdy!!hmm..y did he win?
oh yeah!coz he gt more votes -.- so pleaseeee..im sure
sylvia will go far no doubt!!she's d first female contestant to be in the finals!
spore will not leave dat aside im sure! hehs.congrats to both of them!
they sure gave a tough fight!!i can feel it. & sezairi deserved the title.
oh! & i saw this tweet,"SG president-indian,SG prime minister-chinese,
SG idol-MALAY!" sooo?wads so racism abt it?its all fair & square!
& CHARICEEEEE!!!she made my jaw drop!she's so small & cute
& her voice is oh-so-powerful & just WOWWW!!
i had goosebumps all the way!she received the loudest cheer frm d
stadium & yet she was louder & just omg wowww!!
even alyph & syarif is a fan i see! LOL i LOVE herrrr~
she had astanding ovation no doubt about dat!*CLAPPSS*
&aft d show talked to mirah fr awhile & saw joakim gomez
WOWW..he's so cute!! x3 & nurul's bro sent us home THANK YOUUU!! ^^
okayy this is sucha longggg post!it's been awhile!ahahah dats all folks!
azura out! xx

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