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Monday, December 14, 2009


ahahah sorry my fellow wonderful readers!
i had to stay over at my cousin's house for a few dayys
& i hd tons of fun!!! we watched taped clips of suria shows
which has sleeq & other artists too! wheeee~
i just influenced my cousins to love sleeq!every single one of them..
lol!& now they cant stop talking abt them boys! especially kak ira
who seems to love alyph now! xD as an idol lahh duhh lol!
nyahahah & me & my cousin recorded rapsodi.
ill upload it on yt soonest! ;P
hehs but not clear ehh i warn u first!LOL
& kak ira is so kuh-rayy-zeeee i tell youu!!
ahahah she made me go crazy! xD in a gd wayyy~ LOL
it wudnt be the same without her :P LOVE HER LOADS LAHHH!!
tgether with my other cousins too.. i realise how much
im having a hell of a fun time spending my few days here
with them! ;D
anyways, i had a huge fight with my mom & sis..
only amirah knows coz i just feel lyk letting it out to someone
so thanks for being there for me when im at my weakest! ;D
sighh i dun feel like ranting about it here coz i feel dat its too personal.
so yeahh im now staying at my cousin's house till further notice.
& i guess i really need to go & find a job at this point of time!
so thanks amirah! hehs. love u lahh babe! ♥
&& i have to go now coz my monster cousin aka kak ira xD
wans me to off the lappy! ahaahh
&& im cutting short the post coz im lazy to say every single detail here ;P
PLUS i wudnt want u to get bored in reading my lonnggg post! :)
k till the next post!! azura out! xoxo

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