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Friday, December 04, 2009

it was THE BOMB! oh yeahhhh..
before dat me,nurul,nurul...jannah!(x her bro,aai& fana got seated
then me & Fana fetched Aryna
at the carpark. wooh~ MISS U LAHHH! ;D
& the show was smokin' awesomeeee!!
well actually only the part where gt sleeq lahh LOL!kk peace.
p.s i love fauzielaily's hosting.so funny (x
even when he messed up he covered it up with a joke.lol!smooth move dudeee.
&&alot of purple lighting & clothes!! I LOIKEEEEE~
wheee~ BEST! ;D
ahahah anw i shouted lyk crazy when sleeq appeared.
tgether with d other sleeqfans. hehs! ;D
*sccreeaaaaaaaaaammmmm!~* ahahah k i had enuff. lol
i was looking at the bigbig screen more than the stage itself!
stupid or whuaaatttsss??!! goddamnit..wads the pt. of being there
if i was lyk watching the TV one -.-
anw saw nurulj & aai alot on the screeen! AHAHAHAH ! ;p
oh n malaque was there too!as beautiful as always!
& THIS NURULL!! rawwwwrrrrrr~ >;D
she saw this guy dat we saw before frm tamp mac.fated ehhk? -.-
ok lahhh he's hot & cute & handsome. & she kept staring at him!!
tk leh angsxsx youuu ;P
ahahahah he's her crush for TONITE. yes. tonite. LOL!

after d show.waited for the boys.
until 11 plus when they're finally out! LOL
I LOVE ALYPH'S SNEAKERSS!! reallyreally! aaaaaaahhhhhhh~ >.<
aft dat it was alrdy late. & me & aryna separated at the bustop
& i managed to catch the last bus!pheww~
THANKS NURUL! for d accompaniment OTP.hehs! ;D
me lovelove youuu <3
i gt lost coz i missed my bus stop. lol!
shall not elaborate. but got home safely. phewww~
&& im glad aryna got home safely too! we're both rushing for the last bus or train. :O
alrights. time check! 4 AM. hahah & im stil not sleepy!
okay im done here..pictures will be uploaded here soonest!
if i gt a hold of 'em! ^^

azura out! xoxo

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