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Saturday, January 30, 2010

FIESTA SURIA @ ECP ! alyph's OTP with liyana on mah phone! :D [credits to WAWA]

riffyyyyy :D
alyphhh yo :D

'em boys! ^^

whaddup fellow wonderful readers?!hope all's fineee!
i went to the Fiesta Suria event!
hawt hawt hawt!! &im not just talking abt the event but the weather itself -.-
fuhhhhhh~! i think i gt darker..sheeesh
but anw!went with wawa,nuruljannah & aai! cabbed ourselves alot today LOL
okayy mayb just to & fro bt ahh yknw wad i mean.
& nurul & aai cnt stop bullying me. im lyk totally innocent & defenseless
against them! *innocent face* AHAHAH buat lawak perr..
& WAWA sedare alyph ehk?! HAHAH btol ke tidak niii? 0.o?
so yeahh Sleeq's perf was AWEZZUUMM!! need i say more?
hehs & i love the part when syarif went to us during their perf. how coooool!
do dat more dudeee!hahah not dat he's reading this -_-
btw i noticed dat alyph looked supaaaa tired! hmmms..
& liyana couldnt come today.she became sick so suddenly!D;
wad perfect timing. -.- & soooo...i asked rif & alyph to talk to her OTP.
since she's been dying to knw what they think of her cover.
im sure dat cheered her up big time!hearing hw excited her voice was aft
talking to them otp!nyehehehx glad dat i made ur day n hope u recover soon beb!:D
then us girls cabbed to AMK & went separate ways.MRT-ed & BUS-ed home!
nearly wanted to faint coz i didnt eat all day :/ but i survived! :D
btw i cnt wait to start sch.BUT! nervous at d same time.
i mean cmonnn!design sch?? i hav no idea what to expect. sighh..
just hoping for ze best!

Farhana: HelloHello :D
heyheyyy (:

rushiqah: yah,im goin too..And if i saw u,i'll tegur u.Do e same if u saw me (;
awwhh babe!i didnt see u anywhere. D; but hope u had fun!hehs :D

FANNA!(:: geezzz yeahh! (: maybe casue we have smtgin common to talk about ehh? (:
hell yeahhhh!tell me bout it hehs (;

WAWA: Thanks so much for dropping by & giving me those encouraging words bbyg! They mean alot. Rlly do. Love you to bits! TC!
awwhhh..ur always welcome!continue to be strong!& thanks for mentioning me on ur blog.
goshh im soo touched! x3 n loveee youuu toooo! tc ;D ♥

Aryna: Thanks for understanding dearest !
no problemmmm bbygurl!will always be there fr youuu!♥ meet u soonest!hehs ;D

amirah(:: hey babe! let's have a girl's day out of the four of us aye? long time no hang out yo!!
amirah(:: yes yes yes! btw, u heard abt the 4e4 bbq?
OF COURSEEE!!*winkwink* cant wait yoo!
n yessss!i confirm alrdy.im going!ahahah cnt wait to see everyone.much misses!♥

azura outt!! xx


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