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Thursday, January 14, 2010

HEYOOO!! wazzup my lovely readers!i love you all so friggin much!
yesyes very much indeed!thanks fr dropping by & showing some love on my tagboard!*hugs* <(^~^<) cmon hug the screen now with meh!hahahah AHH CRAPP. xD well it's currently 12.47 in the morning so pardon me.huhuhu hmmms,i actually have NO idea on what to update here. & NO im not gonna update abt my O lvl results no thankyouuu. not that im sad or not happy with it,it's just that i dont want to publicise it. If you wanna know, ask me personally aites. ;D btw i just submitted my JAE choices awhile ago. Well,just hoping for the best nowwwww!! *prays hard* & good luck to youknowwho's with your choices aites! I know that a handful of you wanna head down to TP & it'll be so cool if we could all make it! yes we're gonna be a BIG familyyyy!! ^^ hahah what the crap!im saying as if im alrdy accepted in TP. LOL well a girl can dream cant she? ;P okay im rambling too much! time to reply tags yo!! ;D

rushiqah: heyy beautifull!U're linked & tankQQ fer linking(: ♥
heyy prettaye lady!no problem & thankyou for linking too aites ;)

ctshahira: address me as hayley mayneee. kak ira sound so auntie or too malay. hahaha
HAHAHAH!jangan nk merepek ehk kat sini..serious shit!xD insyaallah..no promises tho ^^


★Nurul: HAHAHAHA. ya right. lol. alepppppp. lol.
★Nurul: and oh tks! you too! hope you get into e course that you want.
ehh mampossss!!syarif pn lahhhh..kau ni ponnnn..aku tk biased okayy psssh!kesian rif tsktsktsk.HEHS!thankyouuu! (;

Syafieka: Hello! Linked u already! Sorryyyy coz it took a long time to link u. Just had the mood to update my template. Heh.
heyheyy!HAHAH!like finally!xD *looks at the time* haha jkjk its okayy thanks fr linking! ;D

qh: YOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! very long never tag you already!! so.. im here to tag!! :DDDDDDDDDDD
HEYYYYY YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! tell me bout ittt!!like what took u so long?! HAHAHAH thanks for tagginggg!! ;DDDDD

Aryna: Hey Gorgeous ! & yes, I mean it Tagged! Haha. Just kidding. Btw, can't wait for school to start. mAYBE WE'LL BE IN ONE SCHOOL
awwhhh thanks!! ur effin sweeet cannnn! x3 ur tagged! ;P jyeahhhhhh!TP babeyyyy!! hope we'll be one BIG familyyyy! hehs ^^

azura out! xx

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