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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

i went out the whole day of yesterday!!hahahah
okayy first i met my cousin kak ira.
supposed to meet at 12 but i woke up at ard 11! xD
OMG MUCH! hahahh howells, we decided to meet at 12.15
at tamp. i lost 50 bucks!! *POOF!* just like that!
ohmygoodness!if you know how i lost it u will be laughing
& rolling on the floor like literally!!im not kiddin. :/
hahahah now kak ira cant stop teasing me about it!
goshhhhh..& then head off to clarke quay!
kak ira filled the application form to get a job at this place
(i forgot the name) LOL & then headed to mac to eat.
thanks for the treat kak!! fuhhhh~ hahahah
kayy now i.... $50....damnn!kay stop it! its gonna
haunt me for the rest of my life tho. -.-
so anw!we went to sengkang & sighh nvm. sseparated along the way.
& i headed back to tamp.waited for my sis for an hour much!!!
& my hp batt just had to die on me! i was literally stoning over there.
& so we missed the 6 plus movie & caught the 9 plus one.
my sis had an extra tix so we called kak ira to come bck LOL!
what a day huh? & the movie finished at ard 12.15? the whole place was alrdy
close.how cool!its the first tym i experienced dat. ;D
& we sat at behind the tampines mall area there
& ofc,cam-whore!!! ahahahah STANDARD lorrhhh.
pictures up on fb soon i guess!hehs
HOME-ED at 1 plus! woww..tiring dayyyy!

azura out! xx

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